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Setting up your Apple Developer Account

To set up your Apple app store account, keep your D-U-N-S number and a $99 fee (annual subscription) handy. To look up if you already have an active D-U-N-S number visit this link. If you don’t have a D-U-N-S number you can submit your details using the same link.

You’d need the following to successfully submit your D-U-N-S number application -

Once you have your D-U-N-S number and credit card ready proceed with the following steps -

  1. Setup your Apple ID if you don’t have one already with the email ID you want to set up your developer account.

2. Once you have your Apple ID ready head over to this link to begin your developer account setup. You’ll get two options to set up your account - as an Individual or as an Organisation.

Select Organisation account if you’re publishing your company’s app so that it will display your organization’s name on the app store.

3. Enter details of your organization 💼

4. Complete your purchase by paying a $99 (or €79) annual subscription fee.

And that’s done! Now you can publish your app to the Apple app store. 🚀

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